What Does ‘Mog’ Mean On TikTok? ‘Mogging’ As ‘Lookism’ Slang Explained

Height is often a sensitive subject for those with insecurities about their size or appearance. According to Science Direct, height is a common source of depression, anxiety, paranoia, social stress, and negative self-confidence. In many cases, these concerns start during childhood and persist well into adulthood.

NORD gratefully acknowledges Michael Levy, MD, PhD, Neuroimmunologist, Director, NMO Clinic and Research Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Siegel Rare Neuroimmune Association for the preparation of this report. Sakshi Rakshale is a writer and editor at Know Your Meme with a focus on tech, Gen Z and Indian culture. After completing her thesis on futurism and why some people choose to freeze their heads indefinitely, she drew her focus to writing about AI meme culture, internet slang, and deep desi internet lore.

There is also the risk with any of these medications of the development of a rare brain infection called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, or PML. PML is an infection caused by the reactivation of a virus, called the JC virus, which lives in the kidney. In someone who is immunosuppressed, this virus can escape the kidney, cross the blood-brain barrier, and enter the brain, causing profound inflammation.

  1. In contrast, two other studies showed that the retinal neuro-axonal damage found after an acute attack of optic neuritis was as severe among anti-MOG positive individuals as individuals with AQP-4 positive NMOSD.
  2. After completing her thesis on futurism and why some people choose to freeze their heads indefinitely, she drew her focus to writing about AI meme culture, internet slang, and deep desi internet lore.
  3. Sometimes, it starts with seemingly harmless fun like teasing or simply being present and exerting dominance in personal and social situations to make the shorter individual seem less important or noticeable.
  4. There are no FDA-approved medications for maintenance in MOG antibody disease, so anything prescribed is done off-label.
  5. Though protocols are slightly different, in general, it is given two times twice a year (4 infusions total) and is given in an outpatient infusion center.

Limb lengthening surgery enables patients to grow up to 15 centimeters (6 inches) in height over several months. Many people use temporary solutions such as shoe lifts to increase their height for social and work environments. Others use cushions to elevate their bodies when sitting to minimize the appearance of shortness.

Among patients with AQP-4 seronegative NMOSD, the frequency of a positive MOG antibody test ranges between 7.4% and 39%. Studies have indicated that between 40% and 58% of children diagnosed with ADEM are positive for the anti-MOG antibody. While there is significant overlap between MOGAD, NMOSD, and ADEM, it appears that MOGAD is a unique immunological condition. The term grew popular on TikTok around the time of the “mog” meme renaissance, as seen in a September 2021 post by @eddyshreds, and a March 2022 post by @7alfredo13, which gathered nearly 2 million plays. Jokes about “mogging” or “being mogged” continued after 2021, however, the term also came to be used ironically and jokingly, as seen in a 4chan post where someone talks about how their muscular baby “mogged.”

There is very little written in the medical literature specifically dealing with rehabilitation after MOGAD. However, much has been written regarding recovery from spinal cord injury (SCI), in general, and this literature applies. The physical issues include visual issues, bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, maintenance of skin integrity, spasticity, pain, depression and fatigue. Rehabilitation and learning how to do activities of daily living (i.e., dressing) with mobility issues is an important part of treatment and recovery from MOGAD. Only cell-based assays are considered reliable for the diagnosis of MOGAD because of the improved specificity over older ELISA tests. CSF analysis from a lumbar puncture may show increased white blood cell counts in some patients during a relapse, and oligoclonal bands are not usually found.

Where Does The Word ‘Mog’ Mean?

Closed mouths don’t get fed, and when bullying or mogging, the aggressor doesn’t always realize their actions are offensive. Though some individuals may feel timid about the idea of standing up for themselves, it’s one of the most important and empowering actions any victim of mogging or bullying can take. Many people who mog others, carelessly or for fun, are not aware of the impact of their actions on others. In today’s highly competitive society, any advantage is good, especially if it involves height. It’s not always easy to counter the effects of mistreatment and mogging, especially from long-term exposure.

There are even ladders and aids to make it easier for those with height challenges to access things above their normal reach. Depending on the circumstances, many different devices, accessories, and even assistive apparatuses help minimize overall stature issues. There are also herbs and medical supplements marketed for growth, development, and height, but their effects tend to be negligible. NORD and MedicAlert Foundation have teamed up on a new program to provide protection to rare disease patients in emergency situations.

Identify Toxic Patterns

Bullying and mogging can be very harmful and subconsciously lead to toxic and negative behaviors, including mood swings, depression, anxiety, and poor self-confidence. Extreme reactions can lead to suicidal thoughts and abusive behavior towards others. Talking to someone to get those feelings out in the open is crucial to helping mog victims get the help and support they need.

How Did The Term ‘Mogging’ Grow Popular On TikTok?

The term “mogging” has been documented online since at least 2016, finding its origins in fitness forums and imageboards. A May 19th, 2016 post on 4chan’s /fit/ saw the word being used to describe a 7-foot-tall bodybuilder. Later that year, a British user complained about getting “height-mogged” in a /fit/ thread. Information on 5 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world you should know about current clinical trials is posted on the Internet at All studies receiving U.S. government funding, and some supported by private industry, are posted on this government web site. Treatment guidelines for MOG antibody disease have not been established. The following are possible treatments in the management of an acute event.

The use of immunosuppressants or immunomodulatory agents may be considered in some patients. Initial presentation with aggressive forms of myelitis, or if particularly refractory to treatment with steroids and/or PLEX, aggressive immunosuppression is considered. Individuals should be monitored carefully as potential complications may arise from immunosuppression. As with all medications, risks versus benefits of aggressive immunosuppression need to be considered and discussed with the clinical care team. Those with MOG antibody disease should consider ongoing treatment with medications that suppress the immune system.

Chronic immunosuppression requires regular skin exams with a dermatologist since the immune system is the best defense against cancer cells developing, and any of these treatments can interfere with its normal functioning. Children can be found to have the MOG antibody in the setting of ADEM; however, a positive MOG antibody test in the setting of ADEM does not necessarily imply a course of MOGAD. In many children, the MOG antibody disappears within 1 year, and relapses do not occur. Those with MOG antibody disease are more likely to have both optic nerves affected at the same time, and if the symptoms are in only one eye, the other optic nerve may show subclinical atrophy.

AQP-4 is a water channel protein and those with NMOSD produce autoantibodies against AQP-4. MOG antibody disease and AQP-4 positive NMOSD are thought to have distinct immunological mechanisms. Furthermore, those with MOG antibody disease seem to be less likely to have other autoimmune disorders (such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, etc.) than those with AQP-4 positive NMOSD. PLEX is believed to work in autoimmune CNS diseases through the removal of specific or nonspecific soluble factors likely to mediate, be responsible for, or contribute to inflammatory-mediated organ damage. PLEX is often recommended for moderate to aggressive forms of TM and ON, as is very often the case with MOG antibody disease, if there is not much improvement after being treated with intravenous steroids.

NORD is not a medical provider or health care facility and thus can neither diagnose any disease or disorder nor endorse or recommend any specific medical treatments. Patients must rely on the personal and individualized medical advice of their qualified health care professionals before seeking any information related to their particular diagnosis, cure or treatment of a condition or disorder. Mycophenolate mofetil has a similar effect on the gastrointestinal system, though many report about bdswiss review 2018 that the symptoms are milder with mycophenolate as compared with azathioprine. Additionally, some patients complain of headaches with mycophenolate, particularly in the beginning; these tend to wane with ongoing use. Lymphoma may be a risk of this medication; however, there have been no cases reported in MOG antibody disease patients while on this medication, so the risk is likely low. Mycophenolate is also contraindicated in pregnancy, so, again, planning is very important.

Mogging: What Is It and How to Overcome It

The term mogging spread to fitness-focused meme pages on Instagram in 2021, as seen in posts by @dark_iron_gains and @memes.to.depth from that year. A niche aspect of internet-bred incel culture has leaked onto the teens on TikTok, with young men exchanging lookism chatter about how to best improve their physical appearance with the hope of attracting women. The community has its own lingo, with trade360 pricing reviews and features in 2021 the term mogging often being evoked to describe the act of simply being more handsome than your peers. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. We are the leader in height lengthening surgery and leg deformity correction.

Controlled, randomized clinical trials evaluating the various therapies for children and adults with MOGAD have not been done. These studies are necessary to determine the optimal therapeutic options for treating individuals with MOGAD. One study revealed a higher proportion of those of Caucasian ethnicity among MOG patients, while others have not shown this difference.

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